.NET Conf 2020 was happening this week. We were shown tips and tricks using C# 9, Blazor, and all the performance improvements we are getting with .NET 5. One update that stuck with me is the new Many-to-Many syntax coming to Entity Framework.

Let’s take a look at what a Many-to-Many looked like before .NET 5 and how the new syntax simplifies it.

Let me introduce the data model we will be using for this post. It’s a straight forward relationship between Streamers and Subscribers. A streamer can have many subscribers and a subscriber can subscribe to many Streamers. …

React reached a new major version on October 20th (https://reactjs.org/blog/2020/10/20/react-v17.html) and 4 days later one of our favorite React scaffolding tools Create-React-App followed suit with the release of version 4, that includes React 17.

I dug through the features highlighted in the respective blogs and followed PRs to summarize all features that I am most excited for.

New JSX Transformation

The React team worked with the Babel team to bring a neat new update to the react/jsx-runtime and react/jsx-dev-runtime in Babel version 7.9.0, which allows us to omit import React from 'react'; from the top of our .jsx / .tsx files. Your index…

You are in the middle of your studies to become a software developer or just landed your first job - Congratulations 🥳 — Let me share some recommendations that I have received from mentors in the past, thoughts I have shared with mentees, and ideas that I wish someone would have told me when I started out. While there are many 100+ tips posts out there, I will focus on a short list of the things that I believe have been the most impactful in my career.

Speaking of me… Let’s start the list with one of my biggest regrets…

I remember the first time I had the requirement to build a timer using React. I was just starting out with React and I wrote it the way I would expect as a JavaScript developer; just to find out that it did not work. Weird behaviours such as variables that I defined within the function body were undefined, which I was sure should have been defined. So I did what probably a lot of us do — jump on google.ca and search for a useInterval hook, copied the code, and moved on. As I became more familiar with React, this…

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